Title IX


Since the Office of Civil Rights released the “Title IX Dear Colleague Letter” in 2011, administrators have worked tirelessly to provide Title IX compliant processes and procedures to resolve issues of sexual misconduct on their campuses. Recently, national leaders called for greater understanding of the sexual misconduct climate on campuses. These new demands place greater pressure on time pressed administrators to gather data to better understand what is happening on their campuses.

The instrument, NSMCCS:

  • Gathers data about student experiences with sexual misconduct;
  • Measures students’ awareness of Title IX processes;
  • Collects information about student experiences with Title IX grievance processes;
  • Asks students to reflect on their perceptions of the ethical and moral standing of the campus community.


At EDU Outcomes, we have created an affordable solution to this problem, freeing administrators from the added burden of gathering and analyzing data related to sexual misconduct. The National Sexual Misconduct Campus Climate Survey (NSMCCS) is designed to provide administrators the answers they need to understand the climate around Title IX issues on their campus.

Here is how it works:

  • Data collection occurs annually, September 15 to November 15;
  • EDU Outcomes handles all correspondence and communications in the data collection process;
    • You provide a list of students who you would like to invite to take the survey; EDU Outcomes consultants handle the rest;
    • Only names and email addresses will be provided to EDU Outcomes; no student id numbers or social security numbers are collected.
    • Students will be invited up to three times to participate in the survey;
    • A structure for awarding incentives can also be accommodated.
  • Participating institutions receive a report that:
    • Details the aggregate findings from all institutions who administered the NSMCC;
    • Specific analysis of your institution’s responses;
    • Your institution’s raw data, allowing additional analysis by you, your staff, or other members of your campus community.


Participation in the NSMCC for the fall 2014 data collection cycle is $750, regardless of student enrollment.