How does the NSMCCS work?


Data collection for the NSMCC occurs during any six week period of the academic year. eduOutcomes handles all correspondence and communications in the data collection process. We ask that participating institutions provide a list of of email addresses of the students who you would like to invite to take the survey; eduOutcomes consultants handle the rest.

Only names and email addresses will be provided to eduOutcomes. No student ID numbers or social security numbers are collected. Students will be invited up to three times to participate in the survey. A structure for awarding incentives can also be accommodated. Participating institutions receive a report that details specific analysis of your institutions responses. In addition, participating institutions will receive access to a report detailing aggregate findings from all institutions that administered the NSMCC. We also provide you your institution’s raw data, allowing additional analysis by you, your staff, or other members of your campus community.

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